Force of Nature Soundtrack

Force of Nature Soundtrack is available now!

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Multiplayer Demo

Work on the multiplayer mode is in full swing. The combat system is ready, but there is still a lot of work ahead. The expected release date is the first half of June. Meanwhile here is a small video that demonstrates a journey through the world in the multiplayer mode

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Update 1.0.17

Fixed game crashes caused by the previous update (1.0.16)

Update 1.0.16

Added "Сreative" game mode - the mode without quests and restrictions, all recipes and constructions are available from the beginning

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Update 1.0.15

  • Added new thematic decoration for Valentine's Day: Romantic seedbed
  • Added new decorations: Street lamp, Bench and Trashcan
  • Reduced cost of crafting gem chips from 5 elixirs to 3
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Update 1.0.14

  • Increased drop probability of gem chips from enemies
  • Poison arrows: poison duration reduced from 15 to 10 seconds (damage left the same)
  • Added burned arrows
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Update 1.0.13

  • Added German localization
  • Well capacity increased from 4 to 5
  • Boots of speed: movement speed increased from +15 to +20
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Update 1.0.11

  • Now you can tame a goblin!
  • Added hotkey for the button "Harvest all around"
  • Increased dropping probability for Pelt, Fang and Claw
  • Reduced cost of leather and brown fur clothes
  • Leather boots: movement speed increased from +5 to +10
  • White fur boots: added movement speed +5
  • Reduced attack damage for melee scorpions
  • Fixed bug with vanishing items from chests and barrels
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Finally, we have been greenlit. In the end we got 4695 votes in 18 days. Now a lot of work awaits us to finish the game and to integrate it with Steam. Estimate

Drag and drop items to the fast access slots and use keyboard to activate them

The indicator in the left lower corner of the screen and the visual effects will show if the hero feels hot, cold or is intoxicated

In order not to get lost, use the map. Construction and portals are also marked on it

For faster movement around the world build and use portals

Houses can be used as a shelter from the cold and enemies. Also useful objects can be placed inside

Olympic Games on the island! Archery, Wrestling with cudgels, Beach marathon, Handball with coconut, Throwing banana!

To get resources you will have to chop, dig, collect, fight, farm and craft

Golems - slow but very strong

Army of skeletons - one more obstacle that you have to overcome

Look for useful plants and grow them in seedbeds. On the flower glades you can find many rare herbs

Using a mill you can grind wheat into flour and dried herbs and mushrooms into various powders

Place tourches to see better in the dark

Get more resources and build a bigger house!

Look for and domesticate animals to get a stable supply of food

To restore a little health and stamina just eat a couple of fruits

In the game you will see dynamic time of day and weather

Hero will fight a lot of enemies and dangers on his way

Dress for the weather!

In the game you can build and interact with objects

The player will explore more than 10 different zones, each with its own unique flora and fauna