Entry 33 - Roadmap

As you may already know, the game is released! Just in case, here is another link to it:



The game was released in a finished state, not in early access. However, this is only because it can be passed from the beginning to the end and is quite stable. The status of "final release" does not mean I will not continue it's further development. The first 2 weeks after release I was busy mainly by following reviews, watching streams on Twitch and YouTube, monitoring the stability, balance, and looking for the weakest points. Now everything has become calmer and I can begin to implement my future plans, which I want to share with you.



To begin with, I want to add one small thing that I planned for a long time, but didn't have time to make it for release - decorative small animals. All sorts of butterflies, mice, small crabs and spiders - they will not affect the gameplay in any way, but will make the world more alive.



The next thing I want to add to the game is a new weapon, the boomerang. It won't have much damage, but it will fly through enemies and damage anyone it hits. As many may have already noticed, the game often has fights with crowds of opponents, so you want to have more diverse weapons that deal AOE damage (area of effect).



Next, I plan to add the mannequin decoration. It will look like a wooden man, on which you can put clothes. In addition, other decorations will gradually be added to the game, without any functionality, but to garnish the base.


WASD control and third-person view

This is one of the most frequently requested features. The task is not easy at all. And not even in terms of implementation, but in terms of design. Firstly, on the later stages of the game, many buttons will be used to control all skills, spells, and the sphere. Placing them all around the WASD buttons will be problematic, but there are a lot of keys on the keyboard, so the optimal solution can be found. Secondly, the ability to look into the longer distance can greatly affect the balance in battles - players will be able to start shooting targets with arrows much earlier than it is possible now, and will be able to hit opponents before they approach the hero. I'll be experimenting with the controls and the camera, maybe making some different control prototypes and testing them. In general, I can't promise that the game will really get a third-person view and WASD control, but I promise I'll work in this direction.



This is probably the most popular feature that players are asking for. The cooperative mode will be implemented. A game of this genre simply must have this option. However, I can't specify the time frame for the implementation of the network game yet. I did Force of Nature 1 on my own engine, and the second part on Unity. I haven't yet begun to find out how to work with network in Unity, so I can't tell you about exact time terms. I'll start doing it pretty soon, in a week or two.


Suggestions from players

You can send your suggestions to the Discord server of the game (there is a special section for this).


However, as you can see, I already have a lot of tasks, so I will filter the suggestions and implement only the best and easiest to implement.


You can discuss this post on game's Steam forum:


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  • #1

    MrLestat (Thursday, 10 June 2021 16:03)

    Прям бальзам на душу. Спасибо за новости, будем подождать))

  • #2

    Biddiss (Thursday, 10 June 2021 16:03)

    Love the game dude, thanks for the update!

  • #3

    Ray (Thursday, 10 June 2021 16:42)

    Great update. Balanced and considered changes, listening to the community. This game will go from strength to strength.

  • #4

    Sam (Thursday, 10 June 2021)

    Hello, Thanks for the update. For me at least WASD or Arrow keys movement is must as in so many situations mouse move feels weird specially to move in different directions.

    Don't worry about the keys as you can manage keys with gaming keyboard software if not still there are software available to modify keys but please add key movement.

  • #5

    MardukTV (Thursday, 17 June 2021 07:32)

    Guys, please, some1 save me.

    I used all the seeds from caves at swamp map and now i dont have any left to use on greenhouse's.

    Without that seeds i cant plant fiber and without fiber i cant craft insulated fabric for the cold protection set. My game just stuck cuz of that, can some1 pls tell me if theres a way to find more seeds for Fat Snotcaps and Fat nightcaps?