Entry 29 - Statistics. Part 3.

While game balancing is in process, let's return to the comparison of the first and the second parts in numbers. 



Counting constructions we have the same problem with variations as with enemies (as I wrote about in the second part of the statistics review). For example, fences have variations with different lengths - corner, 2 cells, 3 cells or 4 cells. I will not take into account such variations. Also, I will not take into account pathways and pavements, because there is no geometric models for them. I will also not take into account the pocket lamp, although it can be used as a decoration. 


So, in total, in the first Force of Nature there are:

  • 4 houses
  • 17 buildings for items production (garden beds are also here)
  • 8 storages
  • 14 fences and decorations
  • 5 misc (2 beds, nameplate, teleport, urn)

48 buildings in total.


In Force of Nature 2 many constructions have several upgrade levels. However, different levels of the same table are essentially different tables: they have different recipes and look different. Therefore I will consider such levels as unique buildings. Ready-made dwelling houses (as it was in the first part) will no longer be available. As I wrote in one of the previous posts, houses will now be built from pre-designed elements: a floor, walls, doors, windows and a roof. But I will count all such a set for 1 building. Among the innovations of the second part there will be animal barns, feeders and so on. 


So, complete buildings list in the second part:

  • 15 constructions for animals
  • 2 houses
  • 41 constructions for crafting/mining items
  • 6 storages
  • 19 fences and decorations
  • 11 misc

Total: 94 buildings (almost twice the amount of the first part).


Game development is still in process, so this list is not complete. Maybe, there will be more of them.



It was quite difficult to count all the sounds, because there are sooo many of them. And yes, there are variations again. At the same time, large number of variations is very important for sounds. Many sounds such as footsteps, 

or strikes sound very often and regularly. Without a sufficiently large number of variations, the repeatability of the same sounds will be too obvious. When calculating, I conditionally divided all sounds into the following categories:

  • steps - steps of different strength on different surfaces
  • hits - hits with different weapons on different surfaces
  • ambient - all sounds that create location atmosphere. These are sounds of rain, wind, lightning, birds, grasshoppers, creaking of old beams, etc.
  • characters - sounds made by different monsters and animals
  • constructions - sounds that constructions make while working or when opening their interface window
  • interface - buttons clicks, switches, etc.
  • misc

Back to numbers:



  • steps - 8 groups, 40 sounds in total
  • hits - 15 groups, 39 sounds in total
  • ambient - 19 cyclic tracks (loops) + 5 sounds for thunderstorms. 24 sounds in total
  • characters - 20 uniquely voiced characters, 57 groups of sounds. Considering variations - 223 sounds in total
  • constructions - 23 groups, total of 35 sounds
  • interface - 25 individual sounds
  • other - 9 groups, total of 37 sounds

In summ there are 19 loops, 25 individual sounds and 113 groups - total 423 separate sounds.



  • steps - 23 groups, 208 sounds in total
  • hits - 24 groups, 69 sounds in total
  • ambient - 40 cyclic tracks + 56 groups of other sounds. Total - 315 sounds
  • characters - 35 uniquely voiced characters, 180 groups of sounds. Considering variations - 788 sounds
  • constructions - 34 groups, total 171 sounds
  • interface - 72 separate sounds
  • other - 86 groups, 318 sounds

In sum 40 loops, 72 individual sounds and 403 groups. 1941 separate sounds in total.

It is about 4.6 times more than in FON1 !


P.S. The post turned out to be about numbers, so to decorate it I'll add a screenshot of the battle against spiders:

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    Bvan VN (Sunday, 07 March 2021 00:46)

    Good job!

  • #2

    Патрик (Monday, 08 March 2021 15:05)

    О, выглядит очень сочно))) молодец, держи темп!

  • #3

    SUPERbro (Monday, 08 March 2021 19:50)

    На скриншоте видно хроматичкую аберрацию)) всегда её выключаю, в глаза сильно бросается.

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    Артем (Tuesday, 09 March 2021 04:30)

    SUPERbro, Аберрация только во время отравления. В обычном состоянии ее конечно не будет

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    Pilumn (Tuesday, 09 March 2021 17:34)

    Очень красочно!!!

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    gegameplay (Tuesday, 09 March 2021 22:56)

    O que fazer pra ser um divulgador do jogo?

  • #7

    Kostelo (Sunday, 21 March 2021 23:12)

    Me and my GF love you Game BUT she really hates spiders, could you pls add some option to make spiders into something else? or else she wont be able to play :(