Entry 25 - Statistics. Part 1. Creatures

In the next posts I will try to compare the first and second parts in numbers. Let's start with enemies.


There is one difficulty in calculating the total number of enemies. Should I take into account all shape and color variations of the same monsters? Or count only unique monster classes? The easiest way is just to give all the numbers.


Let's start with the first part of the game.

So, in total it has 12 enemy classes: Goblins, Golems, Sappers (goblins with bombs), Devils (from the desert), Rippers (ghosts with scythes), Scorpions, Skeletons, Yeti, Bears, Elks, Boars, Foxes. Some of the monsters in the same class have different models. For example, a brown bear and a polar bear have different body shapes, there are several types of Skeletons, and so on. If you count the number of different models, you will get more:

  • Skeletons - 5 models
  • Goblins - 3 models
  • Bears - 2 models
  • Golems, Sappers, Devils, Reapers, Scorpions, Yeti, Elks, Boars, Foxes - all of 1 model

Total: 19 different enemy models


Almost all monsters also have color variations, for example, goblins inhabit different locations and have different colors. If we take into account all such variations (i. e., all different enemies that are generally in the game), then it will come out like this:

  • Skeletons - 5 models * 2 colors = 10 variations
  • Scorpions - 5 colors * 2 types (melee/range) = 10 variations
  • Goblins - 3 models * 3 colors = 9 variations
  • Golems - 4 variations
  • Rippers - 3 variations
  • Bears - 3 variations
  • Devils - 2 variations
  • Yeti - 2 variations
  • Sappers, Elks, Boars, Foxes - 1 variation each

Total: 47 different enemies, although many of them are very similar to each other.


So, in total the first part contains:

  • 12 enemy classes
  • 19 different models
  • 47 different variations


I will not list all the enemies of the second part of the game, just give similar numbers. In total it will contain:

  • 27 enemy classes
  • 50 different models
  • 102 different variations


If we compare domestic animals, then:

There are 6 animals in the first part (each represented by a single variation)

In the second part - only 4 animals, but 2-3 color variations each - 10 unique variations total


Yes, there are fewer types of domestic animals. But, in fact, the goat and the cow in the first part brought the same resource (so I decided that the goat could not be included), and the pig had a little more benefit than zero (as I wrote earlier, I did not want to force players to kill peaceful pigs).


Besides that, in the first part there were rabbits and penguins. But in the second part there will also be some peaceful characters. And it will have bosses as well!


Another important feature worth mentioning. In the first part all enemies were purchased. By the way, it is the only thing in the game that was bought - everything else (buildings, trees, stones, resources, weapons, clothes and the main character) I drew myself. In the second part there is almost no purchased content. All monsters are unique and were made specifically for this game - you will not find them anywhere else in other games. Even the ones that were in the first part were redrawn to have a unique look.


In the following posts I will compare buildings, items and locations in a similar way.

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  • #1

    Terri (Tuesday, 20 October 2020 15:01)

    That's awesome ..I really like the drawing of the golem in FON2. The bluish color makes it look unique :)

  • #2

    Biddiss (Wednesday, 21 October 2020 17:48)

    More than double the enemy classes! The new golem model looks much better than the first; well done!

  • #3

    J (Thursday, 22 October 2020 04:07)

    For more variation can also add random monster attribute to each monster when they spawn , something like :
    1. Berserk , monster with this type of attribute will deal Double Damage, but his Health Points is halfed
    2. Blessed, monster with this type has double health points, normal attack.
    3. Anti melee, monster with this type will receive half damage when hit using melee weapon
    4. Anti range, monster with this type will receive half damage when hit using range weapon
    5. No attribute/normal monster
    This will also make each encounter with any monster unique depending on their attribute/trait/buff, whatever it is called this days.
    Other than color can also use model SIZE or randomized size , or add different clothing/armor to each monster or random. So every monster is unique and none of them will be the same or rarely the same.

  • #4

    J (Thursday, 22 October 2020 05:42)

    Sry for double posting but I cannot edit my last post.

    Regarding animals, it's actually really good to have more of them, having animals in a game makes the game more alive, maybe even if not actually tameable/able to be captured, just having them existing for part of the game world without any interaction is nice too, or hunted for product, like pig for bacon, domesticated goat for feta cheese, bacon/feta for more advanced food recipe, more advanced food have buffs. Like adding critical, or crit damage, or x% health, x% dmg, defense, accuracy etc, that would work well with the various random attribute for monster that I suggested above. And buffs would be incentive for making advanced food, not just for hunger.

    Or please add more and think for more use of them. Like for example :
    - Snake : can harvest venom to make poison arrow for adding damage over time. Put in aquarium when captured.

    Come to think of it, those four animals alrdy cover lots of needs. >_< , but other than domesticated, can also have more animals to be hunted for its product.

  • #5

    i_Juanx (Saturday, 31 October 2020 01:43)