Entry 24 - Ghosts

In this post I will talk about one of the biggest game innovations - ghosts.


I already mentioned earlier that there will be bosses in the game. By killing them, you will release their souls, which will then exist in the form of ghosts. You can talk to ghosts. Some of them have unfinished business, which they will either tell you directly about, or hint at, if you ask them carefully.


This way you will receive additional quests. These quests are quite complex and it will not always be clear immediately what to do. To complete some of them, you will have to think, for others - to travel a lot.

However, after completing the task, the ghost won't remain in debt, and will help you at the base.


Ghosts can do different things: craft, build, mine resources and repair. I already wrote earlier that in the new game, the work will not be performed by your own (as it was in the first part). Someone should stand by and do the job. Before the first ghost appears, you will have to do all the work by yourself, but then you will be able to assign tasks to ghosts by adding items to the crafting queue. By the way, queues at many tables have been increased to several slots. You can queue up a few items that interest you, and leave to do other things, and the ghosts will craft.


Usually, the ghosts will look for the job themselves, trying to disperse around the base. Different ghosts will have their own preferences in the work. Some will prefer crafting, others - construction.


You can also make a direct order to the ghost to do a specific task. Besides that you can equip several ghosts to do the same task simultaneously to speed up its execution (although their performance will then decrease).


The ghosts have another useful feature. Wherever you are, you can always summon a tamed ghost and ask it to teleport you home. 


In my opinion, ghosts are a very serious change in the game, and I hope players will like it.

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  • #1

    Pilumn (Sunday, 27 September 2020 17:12)

    Не плохая механика, правда оценить в полной мере можно только пощупав своими руками. ;)

  • #2

    Lucas (Monday, 28 September 2020 22:14)

    I really liked FoN 1 which I have more than 100 hours of playtime.
    I can't wait for FoN2 to go forward on playtime.

  • #3

    Tucker (Thursday, 01 October 2020 20:44)

    I’m for this but need some clarifications. How will these ghosts work with multiplayer? Will only the host be able to control them or will others. Do other players get their own ghosts?

  • #4

    Artem (Friday, 02 October 2020 06:39)

    Tucker, ghosts do not belong to players. They are part of the world. All players in coop mode will be able to control them equally.

  • #5

    RavnosFX (Friday, 02 October 2020 15:33)

    Why ghosts? Why can't you have a thrall system like in Conan exiles? Like by capturing goblins and braking them into submission in a special den or something?

  • #6

    Tucker (Friday, 02 October 2020 17:50)

    Thanks for the follow up Artem

  • #7

    jin (Tuesday, 13 October 2020 19:18)

    I am Korean and I hope you understand that the writing is awkward by writing through Google Translator.
    Thank you for proceeding with the game development. I am gladly looking forward to the game being completed in November, as you posted last time. But, as I said earlier, I want to ask about the language. I enjoyed playing season 1 by supporting Korean.
    I am curious if various languages ​​are supported for this work.
    I hope you are careful and healthy.

  • #8

    J (Thursday, 22 October 2020 04:49)

    I actually like the grindy part of the game, but in FON1 it can be a bit too much, when I want to do something, potion is always the one holding me back and I have to make several before I can explore the area with harder monsters.

    I hope this will balance that out, but not removing the manual labor because that's also part of the gameplay.
    Regarding ghost, imo ghost cannot do physical activity because they don't have body anymore in the material/physical world, usually the lore is they need vessel or something they can attach themselves. Ghost can manifest but even that is not very strongly and only in apparation/silhouette, like in the movie Ghost with DemiMore, Sam can't manipulate heavy object, in the end can only manipulate light objects like coin/can. So maybe we still need to capture alive goblins for the ghosts' vessels ? If the ghosts have their own looks, they will manifest in their original form after possessing the goblin's body to add more sense to it. Sometimes games have their own game mechanics and I usually compensate things that don't make sense with my own made up 'gaming sense' lol, but imo thats how ghost works.

    Or if that's too much, can use a backstory like the stone from the previous FON has a very strong bond with the spiritual world and can make ghosts manifest strongly in the physical world, or will that stone be a part of this game ?

  • #9

    J (Monday, 07 December 2020 05:16)

    I agree with J here. Yes as par FoN1 game needs some process to be done easily like feeding animals or may be u can build well for water & connect it to the farm so that it will take water automatically & u don't have to collect water & keep it in inventory just to farm.
    I frankly don't like this ghost idea. I meas it's if they are there for quest but working for player is not necessary.
    As only few thing requires automation or easy approach from FoN, the other grinding part was really a fun in FoN1 at least for me & with teleports it's really not that hard.

    The things I like to get automation or easy approach FoN1 are are...

    - Animal feeding which is done I guess
    - Cloth set slots in inventory to quickly change cloths like 1 | 2 | 3 so that I can keep armor on 1 | Warm cloths on 2 | Cooling cloths on 3 & quickly change it as par situation rather changing it one by one.
    - More quick slots 9 / 10
    - Auto water system may be with connection Well to Farm or Putting water into something near farm same as adding food for animals.

    I don't know if I forgot something but other than this I don't think we need automation & end up being doing nothing.