Entry 14 - Building

Building system has undergone some changes compared to the first part of the game.


As before, building can be done only within markup grid. A special window in the corner of the screen shows how many resources you have for the selected construction. This is useful if you build a lot of repetitive elements, such as fences.

All buildings were redrawn from scratch and now have a more detailed design.

Also there will be a lot of new and interesting buildings that were not present in the first game. In fact, the whole progress line is new. This will not just be a repeat of the first part with improved graphics.


The building process doesn't go by itself anymore. As for all the work in the second part, to proceed the building you need to be close to the construction. The hero starts working with his hands to increase the percentage of done work. But don't worry, you won't have to work with your own hands for long. Soon enough you'll have an assistant who will work on the base while you travel the world, fight enemies and gather resources.


The building progress can be viewed by gradually appearing parts of the construction.


Also some buildings can be upgraded to the higher level. They will work faster and give the access to new recipes. For example, here is the first and the second level of tailor table.

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Comments: 9
  • #1

    heinrich beusch (Sunday, 15 March 2020 22:37)

    when will the new game come out

  • #2

    Artem (Sunday, 15 March 2020 23:42)

    heinrich beusch, I can not say exactly, hope to finish before the end of spring

  • #3

    Thomas (Monday, 16 March 2020 00:12)

    Take your time! I still enjoy playing FoN 1 :)

    Good luck!

  • #4

    King (Tuesday, 17 March 2020 19:12)

    Looking great cant wait for fon 2 keep up the amazing work!

  • #5

    trepas (Tuesday, 17 March 2020 22:15)

    forced to stay house with corona, can't wait :)

  • #6

    Terri (Thursday, 19 March 2020 14:01)

    You are doing an awesome job on FON 2...keep up the great work :)

  • #7

    Ilundir (Thursday, 19 March 2020 19:12)

    So nice. Played FoN 1 a while ago an now because of corona came back to play again. Now that i have seen there will be a second part im so exited and can't wait.
    FoN1 was so much fun to play with 2 person good mix of complex system and still easy to understand. Would love to play FoN 2 on my couch with a friend. Is there already a plan about multiplayer and controller support?

    All i have seen so far looks awesome. Keep on going ;)

  • #8

    Julian Gainar (Sunday, 22 March 2020 21:35)

    Please keep up the work ! I loved the first one and I ll buy the second one without hesitation !

  • #9

    Biddiss (Friday, 27 March 2020 22:49)

    Looking good man; so excited to play!