Entry 13 - User Interface Changes

In the first part of the game user interface was not very convenient. Many windows replaced each other, which distracted attention.


Now I tried to fix this problem. To begin with, the design itself has changed. The asset RPG & MMO UI 6 from Unity Asset Store was taken as the basis, but after it was significantly redone to fit my own needs. Windows can now be moved around the screen. Windows' header has an interesting animation. For example, this is how the main character’s inventory window looks like:



Also, the current character characteristics were moved to this window. It seems to me this should simplify the comparison of different equipment, making it possible to immediately observe how armor, running speed, damage per second and other parameters change. In addition, there will be much more different clothes and weapons in the game than in the first part.

To quickly move items between your inventory and an open chest, you can now click on objects with the Shift key held down - this will instantly send the item from inventory to the chest or vice versa.


Building and craft windows have also changed significantly. I tried to get rid of excessive windows and fit all the necessary information into one window. This is how the building window now looks like:



The list of all buildings is placed to it's left part. It is also possible to select a category (crafter, storage, farming, decoration, etc.). The description of the building is now in it's right part, with the ability to choose from several variants (for example, the length of the fence).


I hope the new user interface will allow less distraction from the main gameplay and it will become more fun to play.

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Comments: 7
  • #1

    Jeremy (Monday, 24 February 2020 22:04)

    Do you have an update for the release ?
    I just bought the 1st one on steam (24h of playing), it's fun, not a fast game, but not too slow in my opinion.
    Just a note about your 1st post : I don't think it was an error trying to do everything by yourself: it's a really good way to learn :)

  • #2

    Chris (Tuesday, 25 February 2020 01:16)

    My god... This is looking so gooooood!!! can't wait for the release and play the game! Will DEFINITELY buy!

  • #3

    King (Tuesday, 25 February 2020 22:46)

    Cant wait until part 2 keep up the good work!

  • #4

    Biddiss (Wednesday, 26 February 2020 00:48)

    Looking great dude! Can't wait to play!

  • #5

    Ruth (Thursday, 27 February 2020 12:04)

    The Game looks amazing!!! I plaid tons of hours the first game and I cant wait for the second part, Will definetly buy It!

  • #6

    RaVENlynx (Monday, 09 March 2020 21:47)

    keep up the awesome work dude the first game gave me hours of fun and kept me sain over many days of being home ill cant wait to check out your next one!

  • #7

    Anders Karlström (Saturday, 14 March 2020 21:24)

    Got 432 hours in Force of nature, started my 2nd hardcore just now, (since hd broke down a few months ago with saves) havent manage to make the hardcore but this time i will!!!
    Patiently waiting for Force of Nature 2 dropping in! :)))) Keep up the really good work Artem and team!