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Welcome to the Force of Nature 2 development blog!


My name is Artem. I've been developing the second part of the game since August 2017 - i.e. already 2 years. Now a lot of work has been done, so I can make predictions about the date of release. I think it will be in the spring of 2020.


In this post I'll tell you why I decided to make the second part, and not update the first game. Yes, the first part of the game really has many drawbacks - balance, control, user interface, outdated graphics. I'd like to fix all of this.


A little history of the creation of the first part of the game.

To begin with, I made a big mistake by deciding to make the game from beginning to end by myself, without using game engines. Initially I did not even think that I will sell this game. I was interested in diving into the study of the mechanisms of the game engine and creating everything with my own hands. I started development in August 2011, exactly 8 years ago. Then it seemed to me that I would finish everything in 1 year. The game was released in December 2016. It took a lot of time to develop physics, animation, sound processing, resource management, artificial intelligence of monsters, user interface and more. In addition, the level of all these systems did not reach modern standards. The render distance is very small, the sounds lack reverb and other effects, the user interface has few tools for aligning elements, and so on. Finally, I completed the game. And I would like to add tons of new content to it. But adding each new feature took too much time, because every time I had to edit my engine, add new functions to it. In addition, I watched a lot of streams on my game and realized that I made some mistakes in the game design. In the end, I decided to take the popular game engine and create a new game from scratch.


In the second part of the game will be:

  - Caves and Dungeons

  - Bosses

  - NPC

  - Magic

  - A story with multiple endings


For 2 years of development, I made everything that was in the first part, and even more. The game has changed a lot. Probably the most noticeable of the changes is the camera. The game now has an RPG game format. The player is always in the middle of the screen, and the movement and attack are controlled with the mouse. Since the game is a mixture of RPG, strategy and farm genres, this format justifies itself.


That's all for now! More details and screenshots in the following posts.

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  • #1

    Reverson (Sunday, 04 August 2019 09:22)

    Жду с нетерпением

  • #2

    Aidan Fluffstuff (Sunday, 04 August 2019 19:57)

    Looks really good and promising from that screenshot. Cant wait to see more updates and screens keep up the good work. I really enjoy your game now but looks like your adding alot more depth and polish to it. Will be real sweet to see some dungeons and bosses. I would really like to see some cool advancement in gear too through drops from the dungeons and bosses or even rare mats that you could farm and then create stronger items. Also being able to update buildings like from wood to stone to steel or something would be cool aesthetic wise. Keep it up.

  • #3

    Juancho864 (Monday, 05 August 2019 04:37)

    Espero con ansias el nuevo force of nature, juge este juego durante mucho tiempo tal vez más que terraria pero no mas que minecraft con mods pero sin pensarlo 2 veces te digo que entiendo que tu trabajo vale mucho y sobre todo ganas porque el tiempo varia en cuanto le dediques pero las ganas cambian dia a dia, estoy estudiando programacion asique entiendo perfectamente tus aclaraciones de xq decis que cometiste errores en el motor pero bueno, espero no se extienda el plazo que nos has prometido porque quiero ver tu nueva obra maestra jaja espero lo logres como desees o mejor, te sorprendas a ti mismo de tu nuevo logro como desarrollador. Buena Suerte!

  • #4

    JShelhamer (Monday, 05 August 2019 08:22)

    Looking forward to part 2! Great game great job. looking forward to more and more.

  • #5

    Gabriel (Monday, 05 August 2019 22:16)

    wow, it's very beautiful!

  • #6

    JohnManny (Thursday, 08 August 2019 22:18)

    I hope that we can leave the screen in multiplayer in Part 2 and that the world can be hosted in an extern server

  • #7

    Jeania (Friday, 09 August 2019 23:43)

    I love the look of the new game, and would love to beta test! ♥ I will say I'm not fond of the angle change though, because I enjoy the feeling of being apart of the enviroment vs PoF style of gaming. Is it possible to select either/or? ♥

  • #8

    JosephDarwed (Saturday, 10 August 2019 04:23)

    This game is beautiful i love all of the game. Looking forward to part 2! Thanks for this amazing work =) Congrats

  • #9

    Brett (Saturday, 24 August 2019 09:48)

    Hi Artem, I was a big fan of your first release and played it many hours. I was disappointed when you just stopped and heard nothing. Seeing this is fantastic news and glad you have not abandoned a good game. Good that you moved to Unity as it will allow you to focus more on the content instead of the engine, hopefully, the multi-player aspects too.

    My only guidance to you is to engage the community often as this shows you are around, listening and serious about the game. When you are ready to release, do regular updates and preferably at regular intervals, e.g. 2/3 weeks.

    Fantastic to see you on this, and I am looking forward to your new ideas.

  • #10

    Emerald (Friday, 30 August 2019 02:54)

    I absolutely loved the first game. I was so excited to find a quality game that worked on my crappy PC and most of it was exactly what I was looking for in a game, aside from the character which I couldn't customize but was soon too engrossed to worry that I was playing a dude. The game reminded me a lot of Dungeon Siege but with crafting. I LOVE CRAFTING & SURVIVAL. I had a fit at the end though LOL. I wish I had known then that more was to come. The ending hurt.
    I am stoked to see that there is another one not far off. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Keep it up!

  • #11

    Jrok420 (Friday, 30 August 2019 15:42)

    Hi this looks great love the 1st game was really fun with my brother hope i cab get access for the beta i miss the game so much

  • #12

    PearDude (Monday, 09 September 2019 08:36)

    I was actually really surprised when I saw the news on steam, but I was extremely ecstatic. I loved Force of Nature 1 and I never could have asked for more. The amount of grind that is involved in the game makes it that much more fun. I wish there were more slow progression survival games out there. Thank god for portals though. I'm really looking forward to Force of Nature 2 and hope I'll be able to help test it out if thats an option.

  • #13

    kietnguyen2403@gmail.com (Monday, 09 September 2019 16:06)

    I have been playing this game for a while, really love it. I hope you will develop more on NPC so we do not need to do everything one by one. More on character and details. A sure buy for FoN2

  • #14

    Donovan Cloirec-Bellec (Wednesday, 11 September 2019 19:53)

    Wow ! its look amazing you are doing a great work !

  • #15

    Xample (Friday, 13 September 2019 19:05)

    Камеру я бы оставил как в первой части, и к тому бы добавил ещё больший угол обзора, вплоть до горизонтального. и отдаление и приближение камеры к игроку

  • #16

    Maros Kroneraff (Saturday, 14 September 2019 23:12)

    Hello, hello ARTEM :-)
    I can't believe to my eyes to see Force of Nature 2 almost being done mate. What a big step and difference compared to your first game Force of Nature. I'm really glad that you've been so assiduous for another two years to make your dream come true and I have to say (even seen only one screenshot) that the game's going to look amazing. I seriously liked the first one and had played it for many hours but later on I came to game stability issue where the game kept freezing up and there was no solution for it so I was forced to stop playing it which was a shame :/
    My name might be a bit familiar to you and it's because you can find it among all those who helped you with language localization (mine was Slovak).
    So I'm here again being so eager to help you with Slovak language localization for your upcoming Force of Nature 2 game.
    If you are interested just give me a shout please maros.kroneraff@googlemail.com
    Really looking forward to hear from you mate.
    Keep it up doing such a great job!

  • #17

    хайп (Monday, 16 September 2019 01:28)

    а когда выйдет игра это очень интересно

  • #18

    DOOM (Sunday, 29 September 2019 07:03)

    this is freaking awesome. Im new to PC gaming and force of nature was my very first steam purchase. Played it and loved every bit of it. This quint game where i can build myself a homestead was exactly what i love.

    FON2 looks great. looking forward to it

  • #19

    jagn (Monday, 30 September 2019 19:05)

    is that the 2nd part of force of nature ??? is the game going to be looking like that ??? is the 2nd part free if you have the first part ??? is the 2nd part free ???

    well thats all i wanted to ask. to be honest they screenshots look so cool, love the new details and stuff.hope you reply.
    Yours Truly: A Paid User On Steam (Jagn)

  • #20

    Lazy lemon (Monday, 30 September 2019 21:17)

    Love this game cant wait to play part 2

  • #21

    Billy (Sunday, 24 November 2019 17:35)

    Hell yeah rooting for you can’t wait for part 2. I will definately buy.

  • #22

    Gorunda (Tuesday, 10 December 2019 08:35)

    Your game is very cool, comes with a great concept, I really enjoy to spend some time after work, I would love to buy and support your next development. Can't wait for the 2nd part. :)

  • #23

    Daxzier (Monday, 17 February 2020 01:15)

    I am so glad, that I will be able to continue with this game! I love it. I kept checking back to see if any new update! One request, can we build a larger home? so we can have, kitchen and sleeping are in the same house! Once again, I can wait!!!! Thanks

  • #24

    Sahara79 (Monday, 17 February 2020 19:23)

    My friend and I were talking about how some of the smallest and/or cheapest games we've played have often turned out to be the most played and most enjoyed out of our piles of games in our Steam Library.

    We really really enjoyed Force of Nature and look very forward to the new one. Thank you for laying things out. I had no idea this much work went into a game! It also helps me be patient as things are getting worked on. Keep up the great work!

  • #25

    Anders Karlström (Saturday, 14 March 2020 21:19)

    Great work Artem!!! I so loved Force of Nature, its simplicity as a singleplayer is awesome, cant wait for this one to come out!!!! Keep up the good work ARTEM AND TEAM! Greetings from Sweden !!

  • #26

    Edenilson Paz (Wednesday, 02 December 2020 05:32)

    Force of Nature sing to me first do not say no the second I hope first Living God allow the developer can finish game achieve his dream grab a great beautiful game another equal I don't think there is ga is a great goddess game I hope he comes out proto or takes time to be one but be impressive in every sense of beautiful more than it already is

  • #27

    Edenilson Paz (Wednesday, 02 December 2020 05:35)

    Greeting from el salvador country central america smallest so far your growth has gone your beautiful game as echo tends perfection there is quarreling mind person by game is understandable tends well plays well was looking for find